Friday, December 19, 2008

Optimize Flash Site

Attractive Flash websites are very much appealing to the human eye. Web visitors are greatly moved by interesting Flash designs. Today, the web market is over brimmed with Flash web designs.

User friendliness of Flash websites has led to its growth in the present times. Web owners are in hot pursuit to build tempting Flash work to make a marked difference among its competitors. However, it imperative that a website needs to be both user friendly as well as search engine friendly. This is where the Flash websites falls short of other web designs.

A full Flash website is not search engine friendly. The search engine robots find the Flash works very complex. These robots cannot index a Flash design like a plain text. They can only index the filenames. It, therefore, very important to note that Flash based websites rank poorly in the SERPs. Nevertheless, there some ways to search engine optimization of Flash based websites.

Ways to optimize Flash based websites

Give metadata:
It is useful to enter in metadata in Flash websites. The Meta title. Meta description and keywords much contain the significant keywords. The use of keywords is useful for the search engines

Meta title tag – The meta title consist of the relevant keywords that gives an idea of the website and the web page

Meta description tag- The meta description tag consist of the description of the website through the use of right key words

Meta keyword tag- The keywords that are used in the web page are entered in the meta keywords tag

Build separate pages with definite keywords:
Usually, Flash website consist of a single web page wherein full details of the company, products, services etc. are given. It becomes very difficult for the search engines to catch the topic of the web page. It is, therefore, suitable to employ separate pages with the right keywords that describes the website company, product, services more effectively.

Employ Macromedia Software Developer (SDK):
The Search Engine SDK comprise of an application named as swf2html. It extracts links and text from a Flash file and then places the data into an HTML file. If necessary, content must be thoroughly checked and also the replica has to be replaced. Proper use of this kit helps in optimizing Flash websites.

Off page optimization:
Effective off page optimization is the key to optimize full Flash websites. The more flexible linking strategy paves way for successful search engine optimization of Flash websites.

*Employ the anchor text in a proper way. The anchor text must consist of the significant keywords
*Inbound links are very useful in optimizing websites. The more the number of inbound links from quality websites the more the chances of better optimization
*Make use of the one way link strategy
*Comment on the other related blog posts (not Spam comment), it will help to increase popularity
*Giving out press releases about the workings of the website from time to time
* Another source of linking building is through submission of articles of the websites in various article directories and important websites
*Create and maintain separate blog under the main domain or sub domain. It is very helpful tool for optimize Flash based website
*RSS feed has also become a significant source of linking strategy. If you maintain a blog then you can syndicate blog contents as an RSS feed to the web world
*A full Flash website must register in various forums. It may post and comment on topics which will eventually help in optimizing websites.

Another way is through submission of contents in directories. However, in the recent times this has become an obsolete process